Rain and Sleep

by tatenda

You examine the front and then look at the palm. The fingers clench tightly into a fist and in the blink of an eye– an open hand. Explaining how one does this is not a conversation most people even bother having.

Snapping out of a random thought and blinking my eyes, I focused my vision into the dark corners in my room. I could not make out any shapes. A car hummed along the street outside– occasionally the occupant’s bass booming a familiar song. Even nature herself would prevent utter silence when thunder reminded me it was a storm outside. It would be easier to sleep tonight. I had always loved the sound of rain and thunder when sleeping. Googling my love for rain I found out this was not unique to me. I tend to Google random things sometimes, its humbling how accessible information is these days, all kinds.

Humming and a blue light signified a message on my cellphone. Sighing and smiling under the sheets I realized I would not be busy tomorrow. A free day.

Shivering under the sheets I curled up trying to force myself to sleep. Because of the fury outside, my room occasionally lit into an incandescent box, all the shadows and objects washed in hot bright light. I promised myself I would take it easy tomorrow, the last few days had been hectic.

My heavy eyes warned me of sleep’s coming seduction. Just to make sure and sliding my hand under my pillow, I felt assurance one more time. It was unmistakable. The metallic curves, the hair of a trigger, a USP 9 millimeter. I was never going to be hungry again. Growing up my parents had told me about how jobs had existed when they were young. Life in 2064 was very different, I smiled at the memory.

I was twenty-nine and bounty hunting illegals and criminals from Mars. My last thought was of the boy I had kicked into the gutter, I couldn’t stomach drilling him so I fired near his head and kicked him in the chest. My stomach heaved– guilt? Closing my eyes I focused on the sound of rain.